Civil Litigation

Whether you wish to start proceedings against another party, or you are being sued and require representation to mount a defence, we can support you. We understand the stress, worry and uncertainty that come with litigation, and strive to make every step of the process as easy to deal with as possible. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining a favourable, complete and cost-effective resolution to your civil dispute or lawsuit. We represent your interests in a professional manner to ensure that your rights are fully preserved, protected and enforced.

Our approach is relationship based and personal. At Hodgson Sinnett, we are known for developing a personal relationship with our clients. We believe this helps in creating a trusting relationship between our firm and you, allowing you to put your trust in our team. Our goal is to ensure that your accident or other civil issue is not financially devastating in addition to often being physically overwhelming. As a client of Hodgson Sinnett, you can expect the following:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Flexible fee arrangements
  • Timely response to your inquiries
  • Timely communication on your file and with respect to the progress of the litigation
  • Exceptional support and service

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